A Sanctuary for Single Women and Women with Children Psalm 23

The vision for Still Waters, a DBA under Wholeness to Freedom Ministries, Inc., is: “Still Waters is a Christ-centered campus outreach and ministry that is educational, transformational and transitional. We are committed to provide the means and support for single women and women with children through discipleship, education and teaching, equipping, training, and empowering them towards wholehearted and healthy living in an environment of love, safety, and healing.”


The mission of Still Waters is to journey alongside single women / women with children that are experiencing a lack of resources and life skills as they walk out their decision to improve their lives towards wholehearted living of mind, body, and spirit towards freedom and independency.


Still Waters

As a unified body of believers, this is a God-given assignment to provide safety, healing, education and training opportunities, to those seeking transformation in their lives toward Biblical-Centered living. Following the Biblical 5-fold ministry and the Acts church model for self-sustaining, joyful relationship building, and loving communities, these women and children will be empowered to live their lives according to God’s purpose and plan for them. Still Waters is a sanctuary where women and children can “lie down and feel safe in Green Pastures (Psalm 23:2). It is an environment of peace and tranquility where restoration and healing can begin through a range of programs, in-house and community-wide, designed specifically toward rebuilding dignity, restoring hope, and building life skills. Participants can begin this process through a series of stages structured to meet their individual needs and criteria
The structure will provide a Biblical 5-fold ministry and Acts community model for women and children to rest, heal, restore, and be empowered to live their lives according to God’s purpose and plan in their lives. “Experiencing authentic Christian community is one of the most important ways shame-based lies about oneself can be challenged (p. 90).” Steven R. Tracy in Mending the Soul. It is proposed at this time that Still Waters will partner with Love INC of Brevard, a community organization helping those in need to transform and empower them for living out their full potential within the community. Women and children will have the opportunity to engage with Love INC of Brevard where they will be assigned a mentor who will walk with them in developing a transformational plan that will include resources throughout the Brevard county region as well as with Wholeness to Freedom Ministries, Inc. The program functions through a 5-phase structure (Entry/Safety; Security/Stability/Healing; Healing/Restoration; Equipping/Empowering/Educating; and Exit Plan/Giving Back) that will incorporate the following biblical model of the 5-fold ministry. 1. Outreach (Evangelism) to reach those who are unsaved, those who are saved, and those who are misinformed. a. Transformational, transitional 2-year ministry program; Food Pantry; Day Care 2. Fellowship (Apostle) to provide and prepare others through encouragement, love bonds, safe relationships and mentorship to go out and minister to others as God calls them. a. Community / family atmosphere; Clients will work together to manage the property and care for each other. 3. Discipleship (Teacher) to bring women into spiritual maturity through discipleship and learning the foundations of effective healthy living. a. Teaching, Training and Worshiping 4. Service (Pastor/Shepherd) to provide counseling, direction, and healing to the women so they may reach their full potential and parent their own children in a healthy manner. a. Counseling; Relationship and life skills training; Serving the community 5. Worship (Prophet) to bring understanding and the experience of His healing Presence and to better live out humility and biblical submission. a. Bible studies; Worshiping; Healing Conferences
Still Waters will partner with Wholeness to Freedom Ministries Inc., Love INC. of Brevard, and the community, to provide counseling, education and training opportunities, wellness training and healthy lifestyle (cooking, sanitation, physical well-being, budgeting, etc.), training opportunities both in house (Childcare provider, clerical / administrative, gardening / produce stand, and food pantry), as well as community resources. Functioning of the Program Still Waters Transformational Ministry (Large building accommodating women and children with common living areas and individual sleeping arrangements). It has been demonstrated that individuals suffering from brokenness (physical, emotional, sexual, and spiritual stressors) are weak and/or lacking in essential relationship skills that enable them to effectively manage the stressors of life and relate well with others and/or live life wholeheartedly. Still Waters is devoted to teaching and instilling these skills to all who participate within the program, including directors, staff, volunteers, and clients. The process will involve 5 phases (Entry/Safety, Security/Stability/Healing, Healing/Restoration, Equipping/Empowering/Educating, and Exit Plan/Giving Back), of transformation with the completion of each phase based upon an individualized set of criteria for moving into the next phase. Women and their children will share in community living that intentionally fosters mutuality, reciprocity and freedom, three elements that characterize healthy relationships. Mutuality: Mutual caring, honesty, respect, responsibilities and repentance. All participants will learn and bring into their relationships characteristics that help others to flourish and heal. Reciprocity: All participants will learn and grow into a place of receiving and giving that benefits not only one’s own well-being but also that of the community. Freedom: The freedoms to respectfully challenge, confront, strengthen, and disagree with one another without fear of retaliation or danger. A safe and open exchange of ideas, feelings and thoughts where all perspectives are considered and valued.
(A separate building equipped with 6 classrooms for teaching and training purposes to be utilized on a daily basis for the participants of the program, as well as community use, Love INC of Brevard and other like minded Kingdom-centered ministries). Wholeness to Freedom Ministries Inc., Love INC of Brevard, the unified church will provide the teaching and training. There will also be opportunity for connecting women with continuing educational opportunities. Children’s Program: Healing resources focused for children and learning of relationship skills to build their capacity for managing life, growing and changing. Counseling and support groups towards emotional well-being from witnessing and/or experiencing abuse and the losses associated with Domestic Violence and Complex Trauma.
(Throughout the ministry complex opportunities will be presented for on the job training in various life skills and occupations that also function to sustain the overall program that are both on site and within the community). • Day Care – To provide child-care so mothers can heal and enter into the work force as well as providing training for those wishing to pursue child-care as a career. The day care will be open to the community and monies received will feed back into the program and pay salaries of those working and training in the day care. • Gardening / Vegetable Stand – To promote sustainable and healthy living opportunities for participants within the program as well as those within the community. The garden will supply fresh vegetable for the food pantry. Monies received will feed back into the program and pay salaries of those working and training in the workings of this aspect of the program. • Food Pantry – Outreach into the community and supporting the serving of others for participants of Still Waters as well as training job opportunity for administrative duties to run and support the food pantry. • Administration Opportunities – Training and job opportunities are available for participants for the sustaining and maintaining the programs such as receptionist, office management, and program organizers. • Love INC of Brevard & Village Thrift – Participants will have the opportunity to volunteer in aspects of Love INC of Brevard and the thrift store that will begin a process of training such as in retail and administrative positions as well as marketing, construction, and various other aspects of job skills.
(Psalms 23:5l A separate building for counseling offices and administrative offices). The Overflow Service is our outreach transitional program specifically designed to support individuals and families in and outside of Still Waters. It offers transitional support both emotionally and physically. Resource Center with drop-in service 1. Weekly Support Group (Wholeness To Freedom Ministries Inc., and other community counseling services when needed) a. Subsided session through the Exodus Fund 2. Counseling Services Group (Wholeness To Freedom Ministries Inc., and other community counseling services when needed) a. Subsidized sessions through the Exodus Fund 3. Library equipped with resources, computers, and books 4. Workshop Sessions (2 hours – refreshments provided topics above) 5. Care Packages (coming in and transitioning out) age appropriate Adult and Child 6. Supply List of Basic Needs (assessment based) 7. Barnabus Ministries – A program specifically for pastors toward healing and emotional well-being towards unifying the body of Christ (the big “C” church for the equipping of the saints. a. This provides support for women and families in providing safe and stable church families for worship and in transitioning out of the program.
(Separate building for teaching, training, and worshiping together as a community) The Sanctuary will be utilized for participants to grow in their spiritual life through corporate worship and conferences for teaching, training and healing. No Sunday services will be held on the premises unless a corporate gathering of several churches worshiping together. Gentle Used Items (partnering with Village Thrift Store, part of Love INC of Brevard) Food Pantry, Day Care, and Vegetable Stand (100% of profits go back into supporting the mission of Still Waters).